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Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (DSWCD) Meetings:

NOTE:  Due to the COVID-19 issue the Deshutes SWCD  monthly meetings will be held via ZOOM. Please contact Jeff Rola at 541-408-7024 for access to the board meetings.


The Deschutes SWCD meets the 3rd Thursday of the month from 9:00AM - 12:00PM .

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Small Grant Projects

Awards are available up to $15,000 for private landowners to perform restoration projects on their land.  These grants allow for quick implementation.

If you have a project in mind or would like to discuss possibilities, give us a call: 

541-923-4358 ext. 3190

Learn more: 


Maintaining Water in the Deschutes

Wickiup Reservoir, which stores water for thousands of ranchers and farmers in Central Oregon, has been drained to the max. As farmers attempt to manage water cutbacks, biologists are also faced with potentially dire circumstances for fish and wildlife in the area.

Water from Wickiup Reservoir is siphoned out of the Deschutes River and channeled across miles of canals to reach farms from Bend to Madras. Prolonged drought has reduced the amount of water flowing into the reservoir each spring, resulting in lower water rations for farms across the region. To reduce water loss and maintain stream flows in the Upper Deschutes River is challenging and complex. Modernizing Oregon's irrigation systems can involve unexpected complications yet have benefit to improve stream flows in the Deschutes River.


Drought Notification


After The Fire

On June 15th Deschutes County Commissioners unanimously approved a Drought Declaration due to low river flows and some of the lowest storage levels ever recorded in area reservoirs.

Most of Deschutes County is categorized as a severe drought area.  As a landowner in Deschutes County, this can be a troubling time.  It's also an opportunity that provides awareness to our counties water management and steps that landowners can take to prepare for future drought or low water years.  We can work together to improve our water management practices for future usage.  This link can provide additional information on drought conditions in Oregon. 


The devastating fires in the past few weeks have impacted Oregon's landscape. Countless of homes have been destroyed and live disrupted or lost.  One important area that homeowners need to consider when preparing for a wildfire, is preparing for the recovery process after the wildland event has occurred. There are many resources for residents who may be dealing with wildland fire’s effect on their homes and businesses. Building community and business resiliency is the key to being adapted to fire. The Deschutes SWCD is proud to be partners with Project Wildfire educating landowners on actions they can take around their home and ensure healthy forest stands. This link can provide information on how you can make your home and property fire safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufi3rFFh1MM

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