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How to Participate in the Plant Sale

Are you interested in supporting the native plants in our community? Consider preordering from our plant sale today! Our plants come from Great Basin Nursery, a locally-sourced nursery dedicated to restore and enhance habitats for both people and the animals that depend upon them.

Below are the steps to expect when you make a purchase:

  1. Click on the 1 gallon forbs and/or 2 gallon shurbs accordions located below this to read about the different species we have available. 
  2. Decide which forbs and/or shrubs will suit your needs.
  3. Select the forb or shrub you would like to purchase. You may purchase up to 10 of one kind.
    1. If you want to purchase more than one plant variety, unfortunately, you will need to make several orders. We understand the inconvenience and are working to get this updated. We appreciate your understanding through this process. 
  4. Follow the steps to pay!

Note: this is a preorder. Your purchases will be ready for pickup in early spring. We will send you detailed instructions for the next steps once your plants are mature enough for pickup.

1 Gallon Forbs 

Interested in purchasing native plants but not sure which is a great fit for your home? Consider reading the descriptions below! 

NameDurationNative HabitatHeight, WidthBloom TimeVisitors
Blanket Flower (Gaillardia aristata)PerennialPlains; prairies; meadows8-36", 12-24"July-SeptemberButterflies
Blue flax (Linum lewisii)PerennialFull sun, dry conditions, and barren soil containing sand, clay, or rocky material18-20"Late spring-midsummerButterflies and bees
Munro's globemallow (Sphaeralcea munroana)PerennialArid areas2-3', 18-24"Late spring-midsummerButterflies
Sulphur buckwheat (Eriogonum umbellatum)PerennialDry, mt. slopes & ridges10-12", 12-36"June-SeptemberBees, butterflies, moths, and birds


2 Gallon Shrubs 
NameDurationNative HabitatHeight, WidthBloom TimeVisitors
Common snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus)PerennialWooded hillsides; rocky, open slopes3-6', 6'June/JulyBirds, butterflies, bees, and moths
Desert sweet (Chamaebatiaria millefolium)PerennialDry, rocky habitats3-6' height and widthJuly-SeptemberBees and birds
Oceanspray (Holodiscus discolor)PerennialDry, rocky cliffs & hillsides10-20' height and widthEarly summerHummingbirds, bees
Wax Current (Ribes cereum)PerennialPine forests; wood openings; dry slopes & ridges3-5' height and widthApril-JulyBees and birds
Wood's rose (Rosa woodsii)PerennialOpen woods, plains, stream banks, stony slopes and disturbed areas3-6' height and widthJune-AugustBees

As this is our first plant sale, we are learning how to streamline this process more efficiently. We appreciate your patience with us during this learning process. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions. 

This is a preorder, and the plants will be available in the spring. We will notify you once we finalize the details. Thank you!