Demand on our Water Resource

Climate change and population growth is increasingly putting a demand on the water resource in central Oregon. Now more than ever we, as irrigators need to be more efficient with our irrigation water to ensure we have enough water to meet our agricultural, recreational, and wildlife needs. 



Oregon Fresh water Use


All seven irrigation districts in central Oregon are working with the Deschutes SWCD,  Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Deschutes Basin Board of Control, Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA), Deschutes River Conservancy, and other stakeholders to develop Watershed Plan-Environmental Assessments and implementation strategies that will improve the irrigation districts water conveyance systems,  on farm delivery and management, and improve flows in the Deschutes and Crooked River.  Click on the picture to find out more.


The Deschutes SWCD provides technical and financial assistance to landowners for irrigation improvements. In addition the Deschutes SWCD  provides educational forums and workshops to further educate irrigators on the latest energy saving technologies and management strategies to improve your irrigation system. 

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Irrigation Water Management Workshop

Irrigation Water Management Workshops are a partnership with OSU Extension, Energy Trust of Oregon, WyEast RC&D, and Irrigation specialists to educate and provide awareness to irrigators in Deschutes County. click on the picture to view the presentations from the latest workshop.

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Irrigation Scheduler mobile - Irrigation Scheduling made easy!


Smart water management begins with two questions, when do I turn the water on and for how long? The answer lies with the irrigation Scheduler Mobile App. This mobile app can help irrigators manage irrigation water which in turn improve yields. click on the picture to view the users guide or this link to view the recorded tutorial.



Irrigation Water Management Success Story


In the heart of the Three Sisters Irrigation District lies an area spotted with several small farms that produce hay under the clicking sounds of impact sprinklers. On one such farm lives Lisa Worcester, who raises horses and produces hay. For Lisa, irrigating is not just a process of applying water to plants; it is a science of determining the right amount of water needed for the crop. Click on the picture to find out more.


Bolton/Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) on farm Delivery Improvement Project


The project improved an existing on farm diversion and eliminated 1800 ft. of open ditch, replacing it with 10-inch 125 IPS PVC pipe. A new pond and pond liner was installed by the landowner to service the property. The project was necessary due to water quality issues where ground water contamination threatened domestic wells and the Crooked River.  Click on the picture to find out more.