Local Solutions to Local Problems

The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District provides free technical assistance to private land owners and land managers to address resource concerns on their land. Resource concerns most common to Deschutes County are water quaintity, water quality, forest health, invasive weeds, and fish and wildlife habitat. A comprehensive farm plan or resource management plan can help landowners and land managers address their needs and management objectives on their land. To know more about resource concerns in Deschutes County and how Deschutes SWCD can help click on the icons below! 

Funding for Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District comes from a variety of local, state and federal sources. Programs are designed to conserve water, improve water quality and quantity, reduce invasive weeds, and provide plant health and wildlife habitat.

OWEB provides funding up to $15,000 / project for private landowners to implement restoration treatments on their land pertaining to fish passage, urban impact reduction, riparian, wetland, 

and instream process and function, private road impact reduction, upland process and function, and irrigation efficiency. 

Water Quantity

As climate change becomes more prevalent so is the wise use and management of irrigation water. Irrigation water is critical to sustain our local food source and the agricultural economy in Deschutes County. 

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Invasive weeds

Noxious weeds overrun native vegetation, destroy natural animal habitat, shelter undesirable insects, steal scarce water, infest crops and cost local communities in terms of visual blight, a reduction of property values and lost agricultural dollars.

Water Quality

Many of Deschutes rivers and streams provide abundant recreational opportunities, clean water, and critically important habitat for native fish and wildlife. Restoration efforts in Indian Ford Creek is one example the DSWCD is making a difference in our County watersheds.

Conservation Planning

Having a conservation plan today is one way to prepare for tomorrow. The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District can provide free assistance to help you develop or refine your conservation strategy that will meet your objectives and goals for your operation.

Forest Health

Through partnerships, Deschutes SWCD are restoring landscapes, reducing wildfire threats to communities and landowners, protecting water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat.

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Wildlife Management

Wildlife habitats are critical in Deschutes County. Landowners and land managers can help to maintain healthy fish and wildlife populations, prevent declines of at-risk species, and reverse or prevent  declines in wildlife populations where possible.