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2 Gallon Shrubs

NameDurationNative HabitatHeight, WidthBloom TimeVisitors
Common snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus)PerennialWooded hillsides; rocky, open slopes3-6', 6'June/JulyBirds, butterflies, bees, and moths
Desert sweet (Chamaebatiaria millefolium)PerennialDry, rocky habitats3-6' height and widthJuly-SeptemberBees and birds
Oceanspray (Holodiscus discolor)PerennialDry, rocky cliffs & hillsides10-20' height and widthEarly summerHummingbirds, bees
Wax Current (Ribes cereum)PerennialPine forests; wood openings; dry slopes & ridges3-5' height and widthApril-JulyBees and birds
Wood's rose (Rosa woodsii)PerennialOpen woods, plains, stream banks, stony slopes and disturbed areas3-6' height and widthJune-AugustBees