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Wildlife Habitat & Pollinators


Deschutes County is home to several wildlife species. Some like the Western Sage Grouse, Spotted Frog, and Bull Trout have impacts to private land owners, irrigation districts and other local entities. Finding solutions to meet the wildlife needs and landowner objectives are challenging yet obtainable. The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District are partnering with Oregon Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife and other partners to work with landowners that want to improve and enhance wildlife habitat on their lands.


The benefits of gardening for pollinators are many. Ninety percent of our plants and trees depend on the service of our pollinators for survival and one in three bites of our food are the result of their actions. Bees do a large part of pollinating but butterflies, moths and hummingbirds pollinate our plants as well. 

You can build a more pollinator-friendly space by....

  • Planting native plants!
  • Going pesticide-free!
  • Creating nesting habitat!
  • rethinking your lawn!