The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District

The District promotes wise use and conservation of Oregon’s natural resources within Deschutes County. Deschutes SWCD provides local leadership, technical assistance, information, and access to state and federal cost-share programs to make positive changes on your land.



The vision of the Deschutes SWCD is to:


• be a community leader in fostering a healthy, productive and beautiful landscape

• be a facilitator and partner in voluntary conservation

• encourage community participation in land stewardship

• be a primary resource in Deschutes county for soil and water conservation

• promote conservation of natural resources and the development of renewable

  energy and energy efficiency resources.


"To provide local leadership, education, motivation, and assistance to the citizens of Deschutes County for responsible, efficient stewardship of our soil and water resources."


The top five resource concerns in Deschutes County are water quantity, water quality, invasive weeds, fish and wildlife habitat, forest health, and healthy soils.

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Deschutes SWCD 2019 - 2024 Long Range Business Plan