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inte-GRIT-y conversations for the greater good

September 15 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This inaugural Bend conference is an open-to-all event (with limited seating) that was born as an experiment, setting the stage for future conferences; an opportunity for local communities to get together, to engage in meaningful dialogue learning about the things that help us grow as individuals, to make new connections, hear about activities and actions that other people are involved in to spark new thought, insight, solutions and a deeper motivation to take the ideas that have been on the back burner and bring them to the front burner.

This is a gathering of inspirational speakers ranging from artists to writers to business owners who are all working towards the greater good in business, personal projects, environment, outreach, service and community. The key theme to this event, keeping it connected and cohesive, will be the word “inte-GRIT-y”. This incorporates grit and tenacity within the context of integrity.


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