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2023 IWM Workshop

The drought in Central Oregon has affected water delivery and water storage to irrigators. Irrigators are looking for ways to manage these changes and still produce a crop. This year’s irrigation water management workshop was a great success! 35 participants attended to hear from the experts on getting the most from their irrigation system and first-hand testimony from a landowner managing and adapting to ever-changing water conditions. This workshop provided tips on how to effectively and efficiency utilize irrigation water. It also provided an understanding of how water laws and rights work in the Deschutes Basin. 


Jeremy Griffin, Upper Deschutes River Basin Watermaster, Oregon Water Resources Department
Julianne Robinson, Field Engineer, Natural Resource Conservation Service
Justin Frazier, Manager, Thompson Pump and Irrigation
Patrice Spyrka, landowner, Tumalo Alpen Ranch
Todd Peplin, Lead Planner, Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District

IWM Workshop JR 3.16.2023.pptxNRCS2023_water rights OWRD Presentation.pptx