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ARPA Completed Projects

In the Fall of 2021, DSWCD was awarded $300,000 by the Deschutes County Commission for the On-Farm Efficiency Water Conservation Investment Project. With this funding, DSWCD is able to help implement 15 projects in the county. So far, 28.5 acres have been converted from flood to sprinkler irrigation to help landowners better conserve their water. See these changes below!

May contain: grass, plant, wheel, machine, outdoors, bicycle, transportation, vehicle, bike, nature, vegetation, grassland, field, and land
Riser to Wheel line
May contain: grass, plant, outdoors, nature, grassland, field, vegetation, and bush


May contain: grass and plant
Mainline Riser
May contain: machine
One way riser and valve box
May contain: wheel and machine
Wheel line
May contain: nature, field, outdoors, grassland, ground, countryside, farm, and rural
Typical zone with pod line both sides of riser Pod line
Risers along mainline