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Bolstering Pollinator Habitats: DSWCD and BPP Join Forces in Bend

The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (DSWCD) has teamed up with the Bend Pollinator Pathways (BPP) initiative to cultivate vibrant habitats for native pollinators right here in Bend. This partnership underscores the critical role that native plants play in sustaining our pollinators, as these two entities have evolved together, finely tuned to each other's needs.

In a bid to enhance local ecosystems, 9 planting sites were meticulously crafted and completed in 2021. With the collaborative efforts of BPP and dedicated volunteers, native pollinator plants were meticulously introduced, seamlessly weaving together a connected pathway within Bend. The selection of plants for these projects was carefully curated, keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of pollinators and their inherent drought-tolerant qualities.

Why the emphasis on native plants, you might ask? It all comes down to a beautiful synergy that has developed over time. Native plants and pollinators have co-evolved in an intricate dance of mutual benefit. These plants provide the sustenance pollinators need to thrive, while pollinators reciprocate by facilitating the reproduction of these very plants. It's a harmonious cycle that sustains the health of both elements and, in turn, fortifies our local ecosystem.

The strategic selection of native pollinator plants in these projects ensures that pollinators have access to optimal nutrition. Moreover, the inherent drought tolerance of these plants aligns seamlessly with the arid Central Oregon landscape. This dual focus on nourishment and adaptability has the potential to create thriving habitats that can weather the challenges of our region.

As the DSWCD and BPP synergize their efforts, they demonstrate a commitment to nurturing the delicate balance of our environment. By fostering these habitats for native pollinators, they are contributing to the resilience and health of our local ecosystem, all while showcasing the magic of nature's co-evolutionary ability.

Here is the Storyboard Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District created.