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Current Interests in Pasture 

If you have land you would like to lease out, feel free to reach out to anyone below who might fit your preferences. We also encourage you to fill out our "Become a Lender" form.

 NamePhone NumberEmailAnimals AmountPreferred Pasture Size
Dillon Brown(509) 261 - 0467dillbrown@gmail.comHereford Cattle15, looking to expand10+ acres
Chaylon Shuffield(54) 213-0093c_shuffield@hotmail.comAngus Cattle25 pair to 250 pairsAt least 20 acres
Brenden Baird(541) 3010-80 acres
Wendy Peterson(541) 408 - 3603wendy@petemarketing.comCow6-83-5 acres
Westin Fowler(575) 640 - 7004dawnfranch@gmail.comCow3010+ acres
Gary Nolen(631) 745- 9229gnimages@gmail.comHorse, llama1.5 acres
Randy Horton(541) 410-0823randylhorton@gmail.comCow, Calf1420+ acres
Luke Thomas(979) 229 - 2814luke.thomas1997@gmail.comCattle1001000+ acres
Cherie Iannucci(541) 410- 1652Bellavistaranch2016@icloud.comCow, Goat4-6 beef cows and 5 goats5 acres or more
Darcy Bedortha(541) 420-0290bedorthad@gmail.comCattle 10-20 acres
Amy Van Donk(541) 410- 9906avandonk@msn.comSheep1210 acres
Kenny & Dianne Read/Bar KD Ranch(541) 546-2547barkdranch@msn.comRegistered Angus Bred CowsWe have 160+/- head. Seeking pasture for Spring/2022 thru Fall/2022. Calves will be weaned off 4/23/22. Seeking pasture for bred cows only-no bulls would be turned out on leased ground.Depends on if it is irrigated or dry. 20 ac. min. on irrigated pastures. Seeking several different pasture options
Stacey Simpson(408) 230-5503slssimpson@hotmail.comHorse1-2Any
Ethan O'Brien(541) 213 - 8717ethan@bendcustomfarmingandgrazing.comSheep, cowsWe have many sheep and cows. I'm able to fit the animal count to the size and quality of the pasture.3+ acres, bigger is better!
Amber Quimby(541) 420-9163skippindowntown@yahoo.comBeef cattleBeef cattle. 15 head total. Mix of angus and shorthorns plus 1 gentle registered shorthorn bull. All dog-broke and gentle to handle. 10+