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Education & Irrigation Practices: A Recap of the August 2023 IWM Workshop

A dedicated community of farmers and landowners gathered on Tuesday, August 15th for an educational event hosted by the Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District. Despite challenging weather, the district's Irrigation Water Management workshop focusing on pivot sprinklers proved to be a remarkable success, leaving participants equipped with invaluable skills and knowledge to optimize their water management practices. 

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With a turnout of 20 engaged landowners and the valuable insights of 3 guest speakers, the workshop provided a platform for learning, networking, and fostering a deeper connection to sustainable farming practices.   

The workshop encompassed an array of topics, all designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned landowners. From the basics of calibrating and programming pivot sprinklers to addressing potential issues that might arise within irrigation systems, attendees were presented with a comprehensive toolkit to streamline their irrigation processes. It was a hands-on experience, enabling each participant to roll up their sleeves, engage in practical exercises, and truly immerse themselves in the learning process.  

The workshop owed much of its success to the expertise of its presenters. With gratitude, we acknowledge the contributions of Nelson Irrigation and Thompson Pump and Irrigation, industry leaders who generously shared their insights and wisdom. Their commitment to enhancing irrigation practices was evident, and their presentations were both informative and engaging. 

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This event also owed its triumph to the invaluable partnerships that bolstered its impact. The High Desert Food and Farm Alliance, School of Ranch, and Tumalo Alpen Ranch lent their support as partners, amplifying the reach and influence of the workshop. Their dedication to promoting sustainable practices and agricultural education was clearly demonstrated through their involvement. 

The event provided participants with the tools necessary to optimize their irrigation practices and ensure the longevity of their farms. It was a celebration of progress, education, and the determination to cultivate a greener, more sustainable agricultural future.   

Amidst the challenges posed by weather and terrain, the Irrigation Water Management workshop stood as a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing and community collaboration.