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Empowering Rural Oregon with Renewable Energy: A Collaborative Endeavor

The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (DSWCD) is excited to join hands with Spark Northwest, North Fork John Day River Watershed Council (NFJDWC), and the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (YSWCD) in a groundbreaking partnership that is set to illuminate the future of renewable energy development in Oregon. With the backing of USDA Renewable Energy Development Assistance (REDA) funding, this dynamic project is primed to catalyze the adoption of renewable energy among rural small businesses, farms, and agricultural producers across the state.

Over the span of 24 months, this collaborative endeavor will see the project team diligently assess and unearth renewable energy opportunities while offering direct assistance in renewable energy development to rural small businesses, farms, and agricultural producers. The mission at hand is to impart knowledge to a minimum of 300 entities, engage in meaningful dialogues with at least 150 farmers and small businesses regarding the potential of renewable energy, deliver customized consultations for no fewer than 40 of these entities, and adeptly shepherd at least 26 energy projects through their developmental phases.

Despite Oregon's commendable standing as a frontrunner in national renewable energy efforts, the injection of REDA funding will prove to be a pivotal moment, enabling targeted investment and development of renewable energy in rural corners of the state. By advocating for the integration of renewable energy sources and motivating small businesses to fine-tune their energy consumption practices, rural producers and small enterprises will have the chance to trim operational costs while nurturing the longevity of their businesses. This symbiotic approach is poised to yield fruitful results, bolstering the economic well-being of rural communities scattered across the state.

As we support this project, we remain dedicated to our mission of merging education, innovation, and sustainability. Our collaborative spirit propels us forward, poised to harness the potential of renewable energy and channel it toward the betterment of Oregon's rural landscape. Together, we are not just illuminating the path towards sustainable energy practices; we are nurturing growth, fostering resilience, and building a brighter tomorrow for the communities that define the heart and soul of our beautiful state.