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Interested in serving on a Local Water Quality Advisory Committee?

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is looking for individuals with a high level of citizen involvement for the review and implementation of the Upper Deschutes Agricultural Water Quality Management Area Plan and Rules (Area Plan and Rules). The local advisory committee's responsibilities include biennial participation in: updating and revising the Area Plan and Rules; recommendation of strategies to achieve water quality goals and objectives in the Area Plan; and review the progress of implementation of the Area Plan and Rules, including enforcement actions taken and requests for alternate measures that have been granted or denied.

The local advisory committee shall be composed primarily of ranchers/landowners in the affected agricultural water quality management area. Membership may include, but is not limited to:

• State Board of Agriculture representatives;
• Persons serving on local soil and water conservation districts;
• Private landowners;
• Representatives of local, state and federal boards, commissions and agencies;
• Members of Indian tribes;
• Members of the public;
• Persons associated with industry;
• Members of academic, scientific and professional communities;
• Public and special interest groups.

For more information please contact:

Theresa DeBardelaben at the Oregon Department of Agriculture at (503) 931-1754
or by email at; or

Erin Kilcullen at Deschutes County Soil and Water Conservation District at
(541) 550-6834or by email at

May contain: plot, map, diagram, and atlas