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First and Last Name: Suzanne Smither


Phone Number: 5413061111

Location: Terrebonne/ Crooked River Ranch

Acreage: Probably 2 to 3 irrigated acres to lease

Field Species Type: Grass hay field

What livestock are compatible with the pasture?: Horse, Llamas, Alpacas, Cattle, and Sheep.

Fence Quality: Good

Irrigation System: Flood

Cost to lease excluding bills (please be specific about month, bimonthly, annual cost depending on which you prefer): Negotiable

Who is expected to pay the water/electric bills? If the land seeker is involved, how much are they expected to pay?: Owner

Are you a producer?: Yes

If yes, what do you produce?: Lavender, vegetables

Comments: Need to research what would be a fair lease rate, depending on type of animals involved. I used to have horses on this field in past.