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Pollinator Health

Pollinators play a vital role in our ecosysem. Without them, we wouldn't have the various flowers and produce we grow every year. Due to pesticide/herbicide use and habitat loss, our pollinator populations are shrinking rapidly. Ways that you can help "bee" the change include:

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  • Plant native plants: These plant species evolved with the pollinators, so incorporate them in your next planting endeaver to attract different butterflies and bees. 
  • Go pesticide-free: Consider organic alternatives to help both the pollinator populations and your family from inadvertantly consuming these carginogenic and neurotoxic chemicals. 
  • Provide water: Even pollinators need water! Incorporating birdbaths or other sources of water in your yard can help nourish them.
  • Rethink your lawn: Leave grass clippings on your lawn, mow less often (every 2-3 weeks), and consider adding native trees, shrubs or flowers!