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DSWCD Quarterly Newsletter - October 2023


Conserving Water and Energy in the Deschutes Basin

    The Three Sisters Irrigation District On-Farm and Renewable Energy project is funded through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP). This partnership project brings together NRCS Oregon, Three Sisters Irrigation District, Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District, Deschutes River Conservancy, private landowners, and numerous other partners to conserve water and reduce energy demands.

Watch to learn more about the project to modernize the District and conserve water

Conserving Water and Energy in the Deschutes Basin

Education & Irrigation

Renewable Energy for Rural Oregon

Got Stars, Central Oregon?

Water is Everything

    Our Deschutes Basin aquifer is a large bowl, with a deep end near the Cascade Mountains becoming shallower to the northeast. Our side of the Cascades drains into this bowl creating groundwater; the source for our aquifers, springs, and wells. demand for it is increasing. The climate crisis is leaving less ground and surface water to meet our needs and protect our natural resources.

Watch to meet some of the people caring for, managing, and protecting our most precious resource.

Water is Everything - Part 2

Project Updates

Joint Chiefs Grant

The District has received funding from the US Forest Service to perform collaborative conservation efforts over the next 5 years. Given the mixed ownership nature of the project area, a cross-boundary approach to forest restoration and wildfire mitigation will have direct benefits to NFS, private, and state and county lands.

DSWCD will provide local leadership, technical assistance, information, and access to state and federal cost-share programs to make positive changes across private and public boundaries.

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