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This is a “no guarantees, use at your own risk” service. Manure and compost are generally not certified to be weed-free or organic. The material may not be suitable for all intended uses. Providers are not responsible for hauling costs or any costs associated with vehicle/dump-truck rentals, etc. This is a voluntary, community project, so please be considerate of those participating in this service.

AreaContact PersonPhone Number              E-mailContact HoursManure TypeManure AgeQuantity on SiteAdditional Information
Kathleen Stockton541-639-7846kathastock50@yahoo.com8AM-8PMHorse2 years20-30 CuYrdsOrganically gardened 
 Lisa Cohen(206) 708 - 9242lisabcohen03@gmail.com8AM - 12PM 4PM - 7PMHorseLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrdsThere is a very small amount of pine shavings in the manure
Grace Pulver(574) 326 - 4460graciepulver@gmail.com12PM - 4PMHorse8-12 months5-20 CuYrds
Douglas Reinika(714) 371 - 7042douglasreinika@gmail.com4PM - 7PMHorseLess than 4 monthsless than 5 CuYrds"I plan on keeping 2 horses on my property in Sisters Oregon later this year." Manure contains bedding
Alison Weston(541) 728 - 7004amweston77@yahoo.comAnytime (leave a message)HorseGreater than 2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrdsThere is a range of 14 years old to fresh manure.
Meghan Wimer(541) 977-1234meghanwimer@gmail.com8AM-7PMHorse4-8 months5-20  CuYrds"Easy access, and I can help"
Tumalo Area 
Cat Cruger(541) 848-8519catcruger@yahoo.com4PM-7PMHorse1-2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrds
Tammy Harty(541) 815-0203tammyharty@msn.com4PM-7PMHorseLess than 4 months50-100 CuYrdsCan load manure with tractor/ deliver a trailer load for a charge
Marsha Morrison(520) 990-0201marsham513@yahoo.comAnytimeHorse, Llama4-8 months5-20 CuYrds 
 Liz Valentine(503)528-6809liz.valentine@gmail.com8AM-12PMHorse8-12 Months20-50 CuYrds 
 Erika Selman(503)380-8750hunah.erika@gmail.com8AM-12PMChicken, Sheep/Goat, Horse4-8 Months 20-50 CuYrdsMainly horse manure with pine bedding. Some chicken and goat manure added when their pen is cleaned. Also a pile of 100% aged horse manure no bedding. 
 Dean Bolinger(541) 390 - 6167katebolinger@gmail.com12PM - 4PMHorseLess than 4 monthsless than 5 CuYrds
Louie Bartlett(541)  419 - 0710dressage2music@yahoo.com8AM-7PMHorse1-2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrds
Kate Beardsley(541) 350 - 2406kate@mustangstotherescue.org8AM- 12PMHorse1-2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrds
Robine Bots(541) 390 - 2769harmonyfarmsanctuary@gmail.com8AM-12PM; 4PM-7PMHorse, Llama, Pig, Cow, Sheep/Goat, Chicken, and Rabbit 1-2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrds"We have lots of manure from various rescue farm animals. We keep our llama/alpaca manure separate. Some has composted over 1-2 years and some is more fresh. We turn it often." Manure contains bedding. 
Jamie Bowless(541) 350 - 8895bowlesj08@gmail.com4PM-7PMPigLess than 4 monthsless than 5 CuYrdsSome straw and some grass hay mixed in.
Sussie Due(541) 408 - 3574teckelhut@q.comEither call or text any time. Texting preferred initially. RabbitLess than 4 months20-50 CuYrdsAmount of manure varies but I always have some on hand. I have several rabbits.
Beth Edmunds(541) 410-1994bethnbill@bendbroadband.comJust about any time. Preferably after 8;00 amHorse8-12 months50-100 CuYrdsHorses are fed Blue Grass Straw. A byproduct of the Blue Grass Seed industry so should be weed free. 
 Carolyn Helt(267) 234 - 1060cnhelt@gmail.com12PM - 4PMHorse4-8 months20-50 CuYrds  
 Lisa Husaby(541) 280-4475lhbugsy15@gmail.com4PM-7PMHorse8-12 months50-100 CuYrdsSome hay mixed in with the manure, older compost on one side of the pile with newer compost on the other.
Tyler Kirages(206) 579 - 9738tmkirages@gmail.comAnytimeHorseLess than 4 months20-50 CuYrdsWe are the new owners at former HBEC, now Horse Butte Farms. With 40+ horses we raise approximately 10-20 yds / month of manure + bedding (plus some grass hay scraps).
Barb LaMere(541) 977 - 7589bdafire@hotmail.comAnytime, if no answer than at work, days varyHorse, Sheep/GoatLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrdsThe only bedding used is wood chips and that's only minimal
 Rebecca Parks(541) 815-5454svecllc@aol.com8AM-7PMHorse1-2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrds 
Michael Pinto(541)  410 - 4977jakemoke2801@gmail.com8AM - 12PMHorse1-2 years50-100 CuYrds
Ryan Martin(503) 880 0032ryanmartin629904@gmail.com8AM-7PMHorse8-12 monthsGreater than 100 CuYrds
Colleen O'Connor(541) 788- 9922trthorseranch@gmail.com8AM - 12PMHorse8-12 months5-20 CuYrds 
Lisa Ellefson(541) 948-1060Lisa@Thesolutionguild.com8AM-12PMHorseGreater than 2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrdscontains bedding
BreeAnna Rausch(541) 408-0034 davidmrausch84@gmail.com8AM-7PMHorse4-8 monthsless than 5 CuYrds 
Laura Ross(541) 788-0821lwolfenson7788@gmail.com4PM-7PMHorse4-8 months20-50 CuYrds 
Courtney Smith(503) 869 - 9895sageeqbend@gmail.com8AM - 4PMHorseLess than 4 months50-100 CuYrdscontains bedding
Dianne Scott(541) 729-8803dianne@equineoutreach.org12PM- 4PMHorseLess than 4 monthsGreater than 100 CuYrds 
Sareha Sulesky(937) 641 - 1410sareha91@gmail.com12PM- 4PMHorse4-8 months4-8 months
Kim Lane(541) 7887-620klane4444@icloud.com12PM-4PMHorse4-8 months5-20 CuYrdsManure has pine shavings in it
Sandy Klein(541) 598-5262mustangsandy1963@gmail.com8AM-7PMHorse4-8 months5-20 CuYrdsCan load with tractor/haul for a fee
Sheri Capitani(541) 633-0505irundogs@icloud.com8AM- 12PMHorseLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrdsAge ranges from over five years to less than a month depending on which end of the pile you take it from.
Tom Williams(971)  241 - 4163noshittom@gmail.com8AM- 4PMHorse4-8 months5-20 CuYrdsContains bedding
Darcy Wright(541) 480 - 9844horseridgeqh@aol.com4PM- 7PMHorse1-2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrds
Lesley Zacharias(907) 744 - 7664lesley@livoregonre.com8AM - 12PMHorse4-8 months20-50 CuYrdsManure has some pine bedding mixed in, but is less than 25%. Mostly picked paddocks which contain no bedding. There is also some hay mixed in, but again less than 10% is hay.
Craig Garey303- 9117-7404cwgarey@comcast.net8AM - 12PM Horse 4-8 months5-20 CuYrdsOur horses eat only grass hay grown on our ranch. There are no weeds in the hay.
 Val and Mike Houghton(541) 548 - 5475vmhoughton@cbbmail.comBefore 4PM, after 6PMHorseGreater than 2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrdsContains local wood chips, no bedding, no weeds. Age current to several years. We can load.
Beth Wendel(541) 508-952612stonesranch@gmail.com8AM - 12PMHorse, Chicken, Cow4-8 monthsLess than 5 CuYrds
Brett McCoy(541) 350-2238brettmccoy@yahoo.com12PM- 7PMCow, Sheep, Goat1-2 years5-20 CuYrds"Good clean manure mixed with bedding"
Lori Colvin(541) 410-9607loricolvin@gmail.com4PM-7PMHorseLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrdsCan't guarantee quantity/age.
Melanie Monge(503) 679-7170mjmonge@me.com12PM-4PMHorse8-12 months5-20 CuYrdsThey turn and compost it regularly
Dan Nicholson(541) 419 - 7789danknicholson@gmail.com8AM- 4PM Horse4-8 months20-50 CuYrds
Bill Scott(503) 649 - 6862wfscottconst@comcast.net8AM - 12PMHorseLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrds"Bedding mix Nov - may Approx 15yds every 2 months."
La Pine  
Bradley Beck(406) 871 - 1517wohagroup@gmail.com12PM-4PMHorseLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrdsManure contains bedding
Jennifer Hutchinson(541) 610-8682jlhutch61@me.com8AM- 12PMHorse, ChickenLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrds
Abby Messer(920) 296 - 9374brokentopnigerians@gmail.com8AM- 12PM 12PM-7PMSheep/Goat8-12 monthsGreater than 100 CuYrdsText is best, leave a voicemail if I can't answer. Mostly goat bedding straw and excess hay. Some shavings with chicken. Some very aged horse at the bottom.
Amber Siemsen(541) 420 - Horse4-8 months5-20 CuYrdsText is easiest; horse manure usually from fall of previous year through spring. Some rabbit manure with light pellet bedding and hay.
Melissa Sullivan(503) 349-13458AM- 12PM 4PM-7PMHorse, Cow, Sheep, Goat, Chicken, Llama Less than 4 months20-50 CuYrds 
Patricia Lopez(541) 771-2812srvrarab@aol.com8AM- 7PMHorse4 - 8 months5-20 CuYrds
Terrebonne/ Crooked River Ranch   
Nancy Alderson(541) 954-9476alderson@bendcable.com12PM - 4PMHorseGreater than 2 yearsGreater than 100 CuYrdsDoes not contain bedding. 
 Laura Clark(760) 851-9382Realestatediva77@gmail.comAnytimeHorseLess than 4 months5-20 CuYrds
Deborah Feldmann707-494-2519dfeldmann@centurylink.net8AM - 12PMHorse4-8 months5-20 CuYrds
Trudy Lowery(541) 519-1140trudylowery1@gmail.com8AM - 12PMHorseLess than 4 monthsLess than 5 CuYrdsI feed 90% weed free hay. Some shavings from horse trailer in the manure.
Jean Martwick(503) 369-4718martwicklaw@yahoo.com8AM - 4PM2 horsesLess than 4 monthsLess than 5 CuYrdsManure contains bedding
Hannah Schlesinger(206) 361 - `9822hannah.e.schlesinger@gmail.com4PM - 7PMHorseLess than 4 months50-100 CuYrds
Tina Reed(503) 983 - 8269triumphtina1@gmail.com8AM- 12PMHorseLess than 4 months20-50 CuYrdsMixed with pine shavings
Kristen Scott(541) 788 - 2844kristenpernascott@gmail.com12PM - 4PMHorse8-12 months20-50 CuYrdsThere is a very small amount of bedding pellets/easy pick small shavings mixed in along with a slight amount of hay-but very very little.