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Transporting Manure

Throughout this program's lifetime, one of the consistent drawbacks we have heard is the inability to get manure transported to the desired location(s). Listed below are some options to consider:

  • When reaching out to providers, be sure to ask if they have a means of delivering the manure to you. They might ask you to cover gas and other delivery costs, but this would be the most streamlined option. 
  • If you are working for an organization, such as a community garden or greenspace, see if they have connections they would normally use to deliver soil or other soil amendments. 
  • Contact your local garden center or greenspace to see how they deliver.
  • Contact Hauling/Trailor companies to see if you would be allowed to haul manure for a day. Some examples include:

Central Oregon Hauling, Delivery & Dump Services: (541) 480-1434 

Superior Junk Removal: (541) -706-1756 

TM Hauling LLC: (541) -719-8475

Hooker Creek Construction Materials: (541) 389-0981

Trailors Plus: (541)-316-8418

WT Equipment Inc: (541) 318-1716

Bend Trailors: (541) -318-8171